7 Most Encountered Errors When Using Windows Operating System

Compared to the macOS and Linux Operating Systems, it’s obvious that more people are using Windows OS. Windows OS is much more accessible and much easier to use than Mac OS or Linux, and users find the interface a lot easier to use. Although easy to use, the Windows operating system is more susceptible to viruses and spyware. Here are some common issues that people encounter when using the Windows operating system:

Windows PC

The Blue Screen Of Death

The most common error for Windows OS users is the BSOD or blue screen of death. The reason for this particular case is usually newly installed hardware or an application causing instability within the system. Most of the time, this instability often causes the PC to perform slowly, while others simply shut down the system suddenly. When a specific app, hardware drivers, or virus directly affects other critical windows processes, this causes a BSOD.

One of the other reasons for Blue Screen Of Death is the failure of kernel security checks. One way to solve such a problem is by reading up on instructions about check failures. A. kernel security check failed on techloris.com is a great place to help you start preventing another BSOD from happening.

Missing DLL Files

Losing DLL Files is a common and horrible problem that Windows users encounter when using Windows OS. When you run a particular application, a new window will appear and inform you of a missing DLL file that will prevent you from using that application or software.

One of the major reasons why missing DLL files errors appear is due to corrupt DLL files, hardware error, or computer virus. If the cause of this issue is a DLL file, you will need to reload the DLL file and paste it into the save destination folder. You can also run System File Checker and repair the missing or corrupt file.

Non-Responsive Device

If you are a Windows OS user, at some point, you may experience a device error. This problem is caused by a glitchy driver, and you need to update the driver yourself. The good side of it, when you go to devmgmt.msc, you will know the error code and this should give you an idea of ​​the problem of the device when the driver is not working.

Error updating your Windows OS

One of the biggest problems, if you are using Windows OS, is the windows update. If you are updating windows and nothing bad happens, that would be great. However, there are some who are not so lucky with errors such as 0x80070057 appear after an update.

Fixing a windows error update is not easy. It would be best if you had extensive research on how you can repair it. One solution to fix it is to replace any corrupt files that appear when updating the windows. You may also need to use regedit to try to find corrupt log files that caused this error.

Access Denied Folder

A denied access folder error has always been an issue since the time of Windows XP. It does not allow you to open the folder because you are denied access to a particular folder. When you encounter this problem, the best solution is to have an administrator account and allow the specific Windows account to access the folder.

If the problem persists, it could be caused by viruses and trojans. If this is the case, you will need to scan your entire driver with antivirus software or run a window protector to detect the virus or trojan that is causing access to a particular folder.

Software Does Not Install

If you are planning to install a decade-old software, you may come across an installation error. If you are a programmer, it will be difficult to install Visual FoxPro on your computer. You will have a major problem because you cannot install and use Visual FoxPro on windows 10.

If you have some other applications installed on Windows 10 and it does not open, you need to run the app in compatibility mode and select the old Windows XP operating system. To run the app in compatibility mode on Windows 10, you need to right-click on the app> features> compatibility> select the older version of windows like windows 7 or XP.

Virtual Memory Problem

In addition to the Blue Screen Of Death, another common problem is when using Windows OS is low virtual memory. This error can lead to poor performance and can also cause hanging or freezes when running resource-intensive or even regular programs.

If you want better performance, you should set a higher ram capacity or change the virtual memory performance of your computer. To change the virtual memory pressure, you need to go to the control panel> performance > adjust the Windows > click advance tab > virtual memory and then you uncheck the automatic paging file size on driver C where you have installed your OS.


All OS have common problems in which users usually have. While there are some issues with the Windows OS, it is now easy to deal with these issues. Windows has an easy-to-use interface that entices people to use it. Fortunately, errors like the ones mentioned above can be easily fixed with some reading and DIY guides.

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