Benefits and Challenges of Mobile Proxies

A mobile proxy offers many benefits that are anchored on the unparalleled privacy, security, reliability, and privacy they provide. These advantages make mobile proxies ideal for web crawling, ad verification, online price comparison, market research, and so on. But this is not to say that you will not encounter some challenges when using them.


Mobile proxies

Mobile proxies are mobile devices, e.g., smartphones, portable routers, modems, or dongles, that are intermediaries between your computer and the Internet. Using mobile proxies, your web applications are routed through these mobile devices, get a new mobile IP address, and finally are connected to the target website.

The success of mobile agents depends on the activity of mobile carriers, which use dynamic IP addresses, and the Network Address Technology (NAT). Taken together, these two technologies make it difficult for websites to find or block mobile IP addresses.

Importantly, even in cases where the websites detect suspicious activity arising from a particular mobile IP address, they cannot block it because there is a risk that they will be blocked and disturbed other users. This is all due to NAT, a solemn technology that shares a single IP address among many users.

So mobile proxies hide your IP address and assign an insecure IP address that is also dynamic – it changes constantly after an interval. These factors make mobile proxies ideal for web crawling.

Web Scraping

Information on the internet and websites is readily available. Users can use this data through basic methods, e.g., copy-pasting. On the other hand, they can use some solemn tools in the form of software to extract the data. Therefore, web crawling is any type of data extraction from websites using either solemn or complex tools.

But despite the fact that this information is readily available, it is largely forbidden to harvest it. Websites are intended to market the products of the affiliate company. They are not a playground for parties seeking competitive information.

In this regard, web developers are introducing anti-scraping tools that aim to stop large-scale scraping attempts. One of the tools associated with anti-scratch is, due to its popularity, IP address listing or banning. The websites, after tracking the number of web requests that came from the IP address perform a web crawl, block the IP address to prevent the scraper from continuing to harvest data. This is where mobile agents come in.

The Use of Mobile Proxies for Web Scraping

With mobile proxies, you can bypass the IP blocking restrictions imposed by anti-scraping devices. This is because websites have a hard time finding or blocking mobile IP addresses, especially because of NAT technology. However, they can still block or prevent them when there are too many requests.

Fortunately, reputable mobile proxy providers address this problem by using dynamic IP addresses. Such a substitute, as Oxylabs mobile agent, changing the assigned IP address on a regular basis, making it even more difficult for websites to block the IP addresses. For even better results, it makes sense to have more than one mobile proxy when writing the web.

Scraping nets is not walking in the park, and we hope you have done a lot of research. In pursuing experience, you must have come across the following categories of mobile proxies and other types of proxies.

  • Free public mobile proxies
  • Shared mobile proxies
  • Dedicated or private mobile proxies

Public mobile proxies are not always a good idea if you are planning to do web crawling. For one, the IP addresses are already known, and it appears that some websites are already blocked. Secondly, they are of very low quality. Of course, they don’t even use HTTPS and, therefore, they are not secure. In shared mobile proxies, the IP address is shared among multiple users. For that reason, blocking IP is also easy.

For best results, it makes sense to choose specific mobile proxies because you are the only user who assigns the mobile proxy the IP address. With dedicated mobile proxies, you will experience all the benefits. But you may also have problems.

Advantages of Mobile Proxies

  1. Fast connections and speed: mobile proxies use a fast cache storage system that eliminates the need for your computer to store inappropriate data. This frees up your device.
  2. Extra security, anonymity, and privacy: due to the dynamic IP addresses and the management of web traffic through real users ’mobile devices.
  3. No cookies.
  4. Reliability because they specify real mobile IP addresses.

Challenges of mobile agents

  1. Mobile proxies are very expensive.
  2. They cannot be used as-is for web crawling as they need to be integrated with web crawling software.
  3. If you have purchased several mobile proxies, you need to manage all of them. The regulation of these proxies is very strong.

Despite challenges, the benefits of using mobile proxies for web crawling are still gaining ground. That said, it is crucial to identify an excellent mobile proxy provider as not everything is perfect.


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